School Health



The Virginia chapter recognizes the importance of working with our communities.   There is no partner more important than our schools.  From school physicals to vaccinations, our work as pediatricians is intertwined with educators and school nurses.  


The chapter has identified two school health champions, Dr. Robert Gunther and Dr. Riva Kumat.  We encourage you to reach out to them with questions and for help engaging your local schools.  

School Reopening 2020

Communities are looking to medical experts to help guide decisions on the reopening of schools.  We encourage our members to reach out to their local schools and school districts to offer their expertise in conjunction with the guidance published by the AAP and CDC.  For school officials who have not identified a pediatrician to assist in the decisions to reopen safely, please reach out to us.  We have pediatric leaders and experts in all regions of our state that we can connect you to and who want to help make reopening as safe as possible