Immunization Committee

Working to protect all kids from vaccine preventable diseases



The immunization committee of the Virginia Chapter of the Amercian Academy of Pediatrics is committed to fully immunizing Virginia children and adolescents against vaccine preventable diseases through advocacy, education, networking and communication of best practices.


Vaccinations have significantly decreased the number of cases of vaccine preventable diseases.  Unfortunately, people continue to get sick and even die from these diseases every year.  Even in Virginia, the number of cases of these preventable diseases has risen.  Because of these concerning trends we have redoubled our efforts to educate all Virginians on the need and safety of vaccines.



The immunization committee is currently working to champion vaccines by becoming a key stakeholder in reforming a statewide immunization coalition,  advocating for legislative and regulatory policies which optimize the immunization of the children of Virginia, and educating both the public and medical providers on current and future vaccines.  We are always looking for partners in our efforts and welcome you to reach out to us!



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