Immigration and the Uninsured

All Children Need Health Care

Medical Care for the Uninsured

The Virginia Chapter of the AAP is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of all children, including those without access to health insurance. Below is a list of community health clinics in Virginia that offer medical care for children without insurance, regardless of documentation. Please note that many sites offer comprehensive care, including dental and behavioral health services. Click on the clinic name in the PDF file for more information .  For subspecialty care inquiries, please contact us.


For a full list of community health clinics in Virginia serving adults and children, click here.


For a list of statewide mental health services, find your regional Community Services Board

The 2020 Census

The once a decade U.S. Census has far reaching implications, including allocation of billions in federal funding to local communities, and determining Congressional districts and seats. Funding for schools, Medicaid/CHIP, foster-care and adoption services, child-care and nutritional programs are all directly impacted by Census data.  Children, particularly from Black and Latinix families, have been largely under-represented in Census data. 


With the recent Covid-19 pandemic compounded by growing fears of government policies affecting immigrant communities, there is a significant risk of undercounting a largely vulnerable population in the 2020 Census, which would in-turn only serve to increase health disparities.  As pediatricians, we share a role to provide trusted information and education.  Please use these handouts to encourage all families to get counted.

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