Virginia Chapter, AAP


Our vision is to be the leading authority, advocate, and voice for the health of Virginia’s children and for the profession of pediatrics.

Social Determinants of Health


The Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics' mission has always been to advocate and be the voice of Virginia's children and pediatricians.  Racism is a social determinant of health that adversely impacts children and represents a threat to our mission.   


The VA-AAP will continue to advocate for policies and practices that improve the health and wellbeing of minority children.  No child should fall victim to poor health, education, or socioeconomic outcomes because of their skin color.  We are committed to be a partner with others in the long term goal of dismantling systemic racism in our state and our country.  

Opportunity to get help during COVID-19

The chapter is here to help through these difficult times.  We are hosting a number of regional email groups for members to share ideas, challenges, and solutions.  We also use it to push urgent information to the pediatric community.


Online you will also find a resource page with information to help providers cope with the challenges of running a business, share patient handouts, clinical considerations, and general information on COVID-19.


We are also collecting information about pediatric cases  of COVID-19 in Virginia.  If you are or have cared for a patient with confirmed COVID-19 please report it so that we may share it with other members.  No identifying information is being collected.