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Glass globe depicting global integration tools.

Global Practice Integration Tools

Resources for integrating child passenger safety and transportation safety throughout your practice operations at large.

Documents to Have on Hand

Contacts for Expert Support

  • Child Passenger Safety Technician at VDH – 800-732-8333 or ivp@vdh.virginia.gov 
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician with Special Needs Training – 800-755-0912 or visit website
  • Host a Free Seat Check Event at your Practice

- Information

Additional Training for In-house Expert

Safe Kids Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification Course (fees may apply)

Digital Resources for Sharing with Caregivers or Housing on Resource Webpage

- Recalls

- Find and Compare Seats – can enter child information to review safety seat options or search for a seat by brand for use information


Social Media and Communication Resources for Sharing through your Practice’s Channels

Computer, smartphone and tablet.

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Computer, smartphone and tablet.

Register for the next hub and spoke session

Computer, smartphone and tablet.

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