One of the most important steps in reducing the risk of COVID in schools is ensuring children who are eligible, be up-to-date with their COVID vaccines. In addition, families and community members by getting immunized protect children who cannot be immunized.  

Where to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine
Do I Need A Booster?


Did you know that a new Health Bill called HB 1090 took effect in July 2021? When the bill became law a number of vaccines not previously required, now become required of kids attending school.  Also, many children need to catch up with their vaccines. 

Charts with changes to vaccine schedule
VDH School Requirements

Mental Health

For Parents & Teens

  1. Teen Line - Emotional support for teens by phone, text,  or email.
  2. Anxiety Canada - Learn about how to treat your anxiety with Cognitive Behavior Therapy with a free app.
  3. Social Emotional Wellness Considerations - Resources for parents and kids including things that can be done by families alone and resources available for families who are struggling.
  4. PBS Resources for Parents about Going Back to School - Tips and articles for families including a back to school checklist
  5. Apps for families - Phone apps and websites for a) Mood & Anxiety interventions and b) Sleep hygiene/improvement

For Medical Providers

  1. Virginia Mental Health Access Program (VMAP) - Join the VMAP program and call to get access to psychologists and psychiatrists to help with patient management.
  2. AAP Mental Health Practice Tools and Resources - Help to promote healthy mental development and address concerns of your patients with these practice tools and resources.
  3. VDH and Virginia Specific Mental Health Resources - Resources and contacts for issues with domestic abuse, LGBQT resources, crisis hotlines, and more.

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