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VA AAP's School Reopening Tasks Force

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This informative webinar led by five VA AAP members presents the latest school reopening information to help make qualified decisions.

March 11, 2021

2/5/2021:  The Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics celebrates Governor Northam’s announcement and recognition of the critical need that schools return to in-person learning by March 15th.  We also thank Senator Dunnavant for passionately advocating legislatively for school reopening through the passage of her bill in the Senate this week.


Schools are not only a place of learning.  Families rely on schools to provide childcare; reliable nutrition; a safe space for children to socialize; and access to school-based mental, emotional, and physical health services.  Schools also continue to play a critical role in addressing racial and social inequity.


In December, when the VA-AAP surveyed 203 pediatric providers in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we found alarming evidence of a decline in the mental, behavioral, academic, and general well being of the children we care for in our state. Returning to in person learning, with well thought out mitigation strategies, is the right prescription for our children as they continue to struggle from the consequences of the pandemic.


Survey results           


Who we are


The Chapter formed a task force to support safe school reopening efforts given the complications around the COVID-19 pandemic. The group consists of pediatricians representing all regions of Virginia including clinicians from rural and urban areas with varied backgrounds and expertise. 



The task force aims to provide support for pediatricians by engaging local stakeholders in school reopening.  This includes school nurses, teachers, school administrators, health departments, and parents.  The group will accumulate knowledge on how to reopen schools safely and maintain a safe environment.

Connect with local officials, health departments, and with school nurses. Also find our VA-AAP Toolkit to get you started on engaging key persons involved with school reopening.

Find notes for returning to school when sick or exposed to COVID as well as information for families on testing, quarantining, and masks wearing.  

Information on VDH guidance and algorithms, keeping sports safe, and guidance for school reopening and student safety from other medical organizations.

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Learn about the VDH resources to guide decision for the safe return of kids to school

The Virginia chapter hosted three leaders at the Virginia Department of Health who provided insight into:

  1. CDC School Indicators and VDH Guidance on Mitigation Measures in K12 Settings
  2. Pandemic Metrics Dashboard and CDC School Indicators
  3. Algorithm for Evaluation of a Child for COVID-19 and Return to School

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