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Helping Virginia Providers Screen for Social and Emotional Drivers of Health

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Pediatricians are critically important partners in identifying and addressing risk factors for child and teen mental health disorders. The challenges to preventing, identifying and managing mental health concerns are many. Few of us have received training or have adequate office-based support to address these issues. The Virginia Chapter, AAP received grant monies to support Virginia Pediatricians to attend The REACH Institute's Patient-Centered Mental Health in Pediatric Primary Care Mini-Fellowship, that provides valuable professional development training that will increase our knowledge, comfort, and confidence in screening for and treating children with mental and behavioral health needs. The Virginia Chapter, AAP has also secured funds to provide Quality Improvement projects addresses social and emotional early childhood screening, as well a teen mental health screening.


Despite many barriers, pediatricians bring incredible compassion and communication skills to our visits, making our profession the most trusted source for addressing these complex issues. The VA-AAP’s QI team recorded Subject Matter Experts giving presentations that share their insights and expertise related to these complex topics. This website is a compilation of those video resources that our QI Team have found useful in addressing these issues.

VA Food

Practical Tips to Respond to Trauma
in the Clinical Setting

Adverse Childhood Experiences


Family Centered Approaches

Local Landscape to Support Trauma and Resilience-Informed Care 

Why Race Matters

Welcoming Office Envionment

RX for Food

The Why and How: Asking Social Determinants of Health Questions 


Coding and Billing for SDOH


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