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CME & MOC Programs

We’ve got a whole range of opportunities and most are free!


Access dynamic continuing education programs designned to help primary care physicians provide patient-centered mental health care in a pediatric primary care setting. Co-horts launch each January/February.


Topics include:

    Systems of Care for Kids (SOCKS)

    Birth to Age 5

    Youth & Adolescents

    VMAP ECHO 101




The web-based Breastfeeding Friendly Performance Improvement Activity is constructed around evidence-based standards for the promotion and support of exclusive breastfeeding.  It is approved by the American Board of Pediatrics for 25 MOC Part 4 points and 10 MOC Part 2 points.


This activity is endorsed by the VA Chapter – American Academy of Pediatrics.  The registration fee is waived for Virginia physicians.



The Newborn Screening Education Program provides healthcare professionals and institutions with certified learning opportunities to ensure that all well newborns receive appropriate screening prior to discharge from the hospital. Physicians earn 10 ABP approved MOC Part 2 points for the CCHD online module.



Whenever the gender equality is concerned, we can probably all agree that it all starts with our youth – the girls.


We believe that young girls all across the globe deserve a great education and an equal shot! This means that we put the educational programs front and center of our women’s rights centric agenda here!


The issues with an unequal pay for males and females, educational hurdles and so many other problems in our country make some working fields harder for women to succeed in than in the others…

Our mission as we see it is to make sure that there’s an equal opportunity for both men and women, whatever their field of expertise, work or aspiration is!



All the issues that we’ve been pursuing to fix here at home, in the US, are also our goals and objectives when we talk about the global protection of women’s rights.


Whether we are talking about the income inequality and unequal pay, the lack of federal and state level representation of women for elected offices, on-campus sexual assaults etc – we are a part of the solution!

Upholding the Women's Rights Across the Globe


become a part of the solution