Appointment Prep

A trip to the pediatrician’s office is a valuable opportunity to learn about your child’s development and to have all of your questions answered. Since pediatrician’s offices are busy, preparing for your child’s appointment beforehand will leave more time for you to discuss any pressing issues with your child’s doctor. Read on to learn how to prepare for a pediatrician appointment.

  • If your child is old enough to comprehend what you are saying, explain why your child will be going to the doctor. Without causing unnecessary fear, explain that the doctor will be helping them solve a problem. Help the child understand the doctor is going to help them, not hurt them.
  • If possible, take your child along to your own doctor appointment or their sibling’s doctor appointment. The child will be exposed to the routine of a doctor’s office.
  • Before taking your child to the doctor, have a list prepared with information you want your doctor to know, and questions you want to ask. If you don’t prepare the list ahead of time, you may become preoccupied by your child’s actions or reactions while at the doctor’s office, causing you to forget pertinent information. In other words, preparedness will compensate for any distractions that may occur.
  • You will want to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment in case paperwork needs to be filled out.
  • Remember to take your little one’s immunization records with you. Even if vaccinations are not scheduled for that particular appointment, it is still a good idea to take these, just in case.
  • Take your child’s insurance card with you to each visit, along with your driver’s license.
  • Take a list of any medicines your child has been taking and in what dosages. This includes over-the-counter medications.
After your Appointment
During your Visit