Prepare for Disasters

This guide will help you and your family prepare for a disaster. Keep this sheet in a special place so you will always know where to find it. Get the family together now to start following the 4 steps to safety readiness!


Find out what the risks are in your area. Find out from your local emergency management office, health department, or American Red Cross chapter:


  • What types of disasters are likely to happen and how to prepare for each;
  • What your community’s warning signals sound like and what to do if you hear them;
  • How to help the elderly and people with special needs.

Create a Family Disaster Plan

Hold a family meeting; keep it simple and work as a team. Plain Talk about the dangers of the disaster(s) with your family.


  • Have a plan in case you are separated. o Choose a place outside your neighborhood in case you cannot go home (A). o Choose someone out of town to be your family contact (B). Each family member and any babysitter must know the address and phone number for A and B.
  • Fill out the local emergency phone numbers and child identification cards. Fill out an Emergency Information Form (EIF) for each child with special health care needs.
  • Become familiar with the specifics of your child’s child care or school disaster plan as you could be separated from your child during a disaster.
  • Plan what to do if you are asked to evacuate.
  • Plan several escape routes.
  • Plan how to take care of your pets.
What to Tell Children
Complete this checklist
Practice and maintain your plan
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Important Documents
Emergency Supplies List